10:14am April 17, 2014




Went to Sarasota Film Festival to see Road to Paloma, Jason Momoa’s directorial debut and it was a fantastic film.

It addresses the very serious topic of sexual assaults on Native American women and is just done so in a very powerful and…

9:53am April 16, 2014

-packs it up and goes to campus-

Nope. Not happening with that crap out there.

9:47am April 16, 2014

…and, suddenly, construction.

The apartment complex was bought by another company. They’re doing a lot of necessary updates, but all of the equipment is being stored right outside my apartment. On the other side of the wall I can currently reach out and touch.

Not good for academic concentration when they fire that stuff up.

9:16am April 16, 2014

The paper that’s due tonight that I just could not sit down and write yesterday?

Sat down about 20 minutes ago. Begin page 2.

12:59am April 16, 2014

Mario Kart IRL. [zdedwards]


Mario Kart IRL. [zdedwards]

5:27pm April 15, 2014


Just realized I’ll be 21 in 10 days.



Now I reallyfeel like a dirty old lady.


5:25pm April 15, 2014
ineloquent-tumbling said: Lol. Thank you, dear. :)

I COULD continue if you really wanted. Haven’t gone all the way back through the archives, touched what’s on the witchy blog, OR done any searches. 


4:52pm April 15, 2014

…and so ends the dick spam. Temporarily.

Because I’m not going to even START reblogging stuff from the porn blog.